Stay Connected

Intelligent Communications Solutions

The world moves quickly. From breaking news, to social media trends, to connecting with customers and colleagues, it’s never been more important to have a robust communications network.

Combining a solid wireless network with a range of communications systems, our experts will help you to stay in touch at all times. Even if you’re located in an area where major providers struggle, we’ll make sure you have access to fast, reliable communications.

Intelligent Controls will make sure you always stay connected.

High Speed Home Networks

Transfer calls from room to room and connect to a high-speed internet network with any device thanks to our home communication solutions. Intelligent Controls’ team will source market-leading communications and networking equipment to be installed throughout your home. Then, thanks to our aftercare, you’ll enjoy unbeatable broadband speeds for years to come.

Unrivalled Business Communications Systems

We offer a complete business communications service, delivering unsurpassed customer satisfaction every time. Our communications technicians take a solutions-driven approach, embracing a diverse range of emerging and established technologies to add value to your professional telecommunications network.

Intelligent Controls in Action

The foundation of our communication and networking system is always reliable, high-speed broadband. By creating a robust wired and wireless network, we can then add all of the functionality your home or business needs. We’ve used these network foundations to create multi-room home media systems and cost-effective business telecommunications.

Intelligent Controls will always try and make sure your network can be upgraded. As communications technology becomes faster and faster, you’ll always be in the best position to enjoy the fastest possible speeds and the most seamless communications possible.