Immersive Entertainment
in the Comfort of Your Home

Bring the Big Screen into Your Home

Imagine cinema-quality picture and sound in your very own home. Imagine settling down with the family on a lazy Sunday afternoon to enjoy the latest DVD releases, or offering your friends the best seats in the house ahead of the year’s must-see sporting event.

After a call to Intelligent Controls, you won’t need to imagine. Because our highly-trained technicians will design and install a completely immersive home cinema that perfectly replicates the big screen experience in your own home. No more queues, no more muttering teenagers spoiling your enjoyment. Just total comfort, unbelievable picture and sound quality, and a family-sized bag of popcorn.

The Best Seat in the House

Our home cinema designs don’t stop at HD screens and surround sound. We’ll make sure that your home cinema really does offer the best seats in the house. We’ll help you to pick out the best seating from leading manufacturers – giving you reclining chairs and articulated headrests that you’ll never find at the cinema.

Once you’re sitting comfortably, you won’t need to move. Using our integration and control systems, you’ll be able to control the whole cinema experience from your chair. Intelligent Controls will also incorporate a range of luxury accessories including champagne buckets and cigar holders to provide you with a truly unique viewing experience.

Dim the Lights

Intelligent lighting caps off the home cinema design, as our technicians install a lighting system that compliments your room design perfectly. So all that’s left to do is sink into your luxurious armchair, tap the control that will dim the lights, let that crisp surround sound wash over you and dig into that bag of popcorn.

You’ll never need to pay for a cinema ticket ever again.

Intelligent Controls in Action

A home cinema system relies on high definition visuals and fully immersive surround sound. That’s why we always look for marks of quality on the equipment we use. By using Dolby Atmos and THX certified speakers, we can create a cinema quality experience in any space.

Once the sound is perfect, we look at the big picture. The screen. It’s not just a matter of the largest television that’ll fit in your room. We examine the space and find a screen that works best for you, delivering a crystal clear visual that’s every bit as eye-catching as an expensive IMAX cinema trip.