We Put You in Control

At Home, In the Workplace – You’re In Control

The meeting is make or break. You shake your client’s hand and offer them a seat. You tap your touchscreen device, the blinds lower, the lights dim and the presentation starts. First impressions matter, and you’ve shown that you’re in control.

They’re impressed. You show them out. A few more taps and the office security system is engaged – you’re ready to leave too.

It’s been a tough day. As you step through your front door, you tap the screen again. The lights come on, the air condition steps up a gear and your surround sound speakers start playing that song – the one that always helps you relax.

As you sit down in your favourite chair and pour that well-earned drink, you take a second to marvel at just how simple everything is. Thanks to Intelligent Controls, your working day and home life have never been more simple.

Simple, Effective Integration and Control Systems

Using cutting-edge products from industry-leading manufacturers, Intelligent Controls will design an integration and control system that’ll give you unparalleled control over your home or office. Lighting, entertainment, climate control and security can all be controlled with ease using a remote control or application.

The system we design and install will be tailored to your precise requirements – giving you complete control over the project from the second you pick up the phone. From a single room, to an entire home, to multiple offices – you’ll always receive the best possible advice, a professional installation and ongoing support.

Tell our team what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Intelligent Controls in Action

We’ve used integration and control systems to make home life easier and business life smoother for our clients. Starting with our in-depth consultations, we create a bespoke project that’s designed to meet your unique objectives. 

If we need to put you in control of your home life, our experts combine climate, entertainment and security systems from market leading manufacturers to give you the control you need over every aspect of your life. Or if you need an integrated business control system, we’ll examine the market to find the most reliable products available, so that everything works first time.