Secure Your World

Protect the Things That Are Important to You

You’ve worked hard to build your business, buy your dream home, and enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve. Now it’s our turn to do the hard work for you, designing a bespoke security system to keep your property, your family or your workplace safe.

Full range security cameras monitor the exterior, while alarms and motion detectors make sure that you know the second anyone enters your property without your consent. Control couldn’t be simpler, as we combine secure control panels with our integration systems to make sure that you’re able to control your security from your smartphone.

When you hire our SSAIB accredited experts to design and fit a security system, you’ll sleep safe in the knowledge that everything important to you is completely protected. 

Commercial and Domestic Security Systems

Intelligent Controls work with domestic and commercial customers to design security solutions that are tailored to your circumstances and needs. We can protect everything from your office, to your home, to large industrial or commercial premises. We’re also happy to work alongside architects and property developers to make sure security is built in to a property from the moment the foundations are poured. 


We use products from the UK’s most trusted security equipment manufacturers, making use of fire detectors, perimeter protection devices, CCTV and alarms to create a complete security solution. We also take your design requirements into account. We can create discreet, subtle security and visible deterrents, depending on your personal preferences.

By choosing Intelligent Controls, you’re choosing reliability, security, and a service that exceeds the demands of international standards and the expectations of our customers.

Intelligent Controls in Action

Our customers take their security seriously, which means we need to install serious security systems. We can incorporate perimeter detection using underground sensors or invisible beam technology, along with reliable CCTV and integrated alarms that’ll alert the authorities.

Every home and business has unique vulnerabilities. By examining these and creating a bespoke solution, our SSAIB-accredited security installers can keep you safe in any situation.