Technology Helps out Hospice

Children and young people with life limiting conditions at a high profile Hospice in South Manchester will shortly be enjoying extra sensory experiences thanks to technology design, installed and programmed by Intelligent Controls. Intelligent Controls has been commissioned to provide the lighting and multi-media system for several rooms within the Hospice’s new extension. The new spaces will be multi-purpose; used as a lounge and meeting room for residents, their families and Hospice employees but, through lighting and audio visual technology installed by Intelligent Controls, transformed on demand into an Amazonian rainforest, starry night sky, a woodland forest or a seaside. Intelligent Controls will also supply and install systems for a music therapy suite and a cinema room. The new technology will allow the Hospice to provide an even high standard of care and treatment by recreating sensory experiences that are not normally available to the children within the comfort of their own Centre environment. Intelligent Controls was invited to tender for the project following a recommendation from a previous Client.

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