We Have Moved!

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in Sale, Cheshire. We spent the previous four years in a building about a mile away from our new location -- our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn't be more excited about our new space. The new office is much better equipped, putting us in a great location looking out onto the Bridgewater Canal. Above is a picture taken by Ben that shows the office on a snow hit day. While we were happy with our previous space, there were several motivating factors to make a move:

  • Space. We now have a large open plan office that facilitates the projects team, operations, accounts and our systems and processes director. We also have a designated CAD workshop which allows the system designer to remove themselves from the internal hustle and bustle. A private meeting room is located on the opposite side of the building and our most exciting new space is our internal workshop which is the envy of our competitors.

  • Service and Experience. The Intelligent Controls way is always to provide a professional, open and honest service on every project, our clients now benefit from the option to make regular visits to our premises where they can see what happens away from site, behind the scenes. A number of webcams allow our clients to log in and watch the progress remotely. Our workshop is set up to enable us to replicate any size home, office space or yacht where our clients can experience their systems first hand.

  • Location. Our last office was only a short distance away from our new location however we are now better equipped to take deliveries and are that bit closer to the major motorway network which allows us to service our projects currently from Essex to Edinburgh! However with most positives there is a negative lurking, we now find ourselves further away from the sandwich shop!

It has been an exciting five years for Intelligent Controls Ltd, and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history. We're still working on getting settled in and adding features to our operations, but we're incredibly excited to be in the new space.

Thanks for everyone's support through the years and with the move. Ben Sweeney will be keeping you all updated with regular news blogs from now on in.


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