How Home Automation Systems are Re-inventing our Living Environments

It’s not entirely unlikely that you have heard the term ‘home automation’ recently, during television and internet adverts – usually involving a smartphone app that can control your household’s thermostat while you’re away.

Although this is a great innovation in itself, such products are only the tip of the iceberg – and as we progress further into the 21st century, it’s important to consider how home automation is already changing the way we live.

A Warm Welcome, Every time

Control over your home’s environment has never been more extensive thanks to innovations in home automation. Now it’s possible to alter your living environment to be in tune with you at the touch of a button. For our Cheshire-based clients, a warm welcome is always appreciated in the colder months – and thanks to home automation processes tied into their HVAC systems, they’re able to remotely alter their home’s temperature during the commute home. As you can imagine, in the dreary winter months this is a welcome prospect.

Home automation doesn’t just warm the house up, however: in summer, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be accessed remotely to keep a constant, cool temperature through the home – making even the most swelteringly hot days seem a lot more manageable.

Security for a New Era

Keeping your family and worldly possessions safe is an understandable reason for investing in extra security for your home. Thanks to the synergy between home automation and security systems, however, homeowners can now expect a more intelligent solution to staying secure.

For some clients, our cutting-edge perimeter alarms and motion detectors have brought a great deal of reassurance, and have helped to make them feel safer in their rural homes.

For those who venture abroad regularly, home automation services have enabled them to be away with greater peace of mind. Perhaps the most beneficial innovation for these clients is the integration of lighting with home automation systems in order to provide occupancy simulation. Essentially, this is a process that automates the behaviour of lights throughout the house to create a realistic simulation of someone being at home. Add to this the ability to view CCTV footage remotely over the internet and it’s easy to see why home automation and security make such a powerful coupling.

Remote Living

Thanks to home automation and the strides it’s taken towards innovation, homeowners can now control all aspects of their property from one control panel, or even from afar - be that at the office or on a beach. Using simple, aesthetically pleasing touchscreen panels and mobile device capabilities allows the automation process to be greatly simplified, and makes the dream of an automated home a reality.

Are you ready to take your living environment to the next level with cutting-edge home automation services? Get in touch with our dedicated team to discuss how Intelligent Controls could upgrade your home.


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