Not Going Out: Why Are People Opting for the Home Cinema Experience?

Luxury Home Cinema

In recent years, home cinema installations have seen a steady increase in popularity among homeowners – not least because top of the range technology is now available to them for the first time.

Of course, when talking about home cinemas it’s important to point out that these types of installations are very different to a simple surround sound system and accompanying flat screen television; instead, they’re the most immersive home entertainment experience available. But apart from the obvious technological upgrade from the home entertainment systems of old, why exactly are homeowners choosing home cinema services over going out?

Unparalleled Comfort & Luxury

When talking to our clients about their choice of home cinema, more often than not ‘comfort’ and ‘luxury’ are the words they use chiefly – and they choose these words with good reason. Home cinemas are able to offer individuals and families an unparalleled level of comfort when it comes to the movie-viewing experience. Bespoke, high-quality seating – with features such as articulated head rests and built-in cup holders – allows whoever is using the home cinema to watch their film in the most comfortable, high-quality furniture available, sourced from only the best manufacturers in the market. Add extra features, like champagne buckets, and the cinema becomes a classy, luxurious setting for nights in at home with the family.

Bringing Families Closer

In our busy, always-on world it can be a struggle to set time aside for our loved ones – and it can be even more difficult arranging for the family or a group of friends to spend time outside of the house together. This is where the home cinema comes into its own.

Now, families have the opportunity to do something together, within their own home, and they’re instantly freed from the drudgery of cinema schedules or restaurant bookings. And because the home cinema has no closing time – it is, after all, exclusively theirs – getting a group of friends over for a film after the children are put to bed is no longer a challenging affair. Rather than hire a babysitter or spend the evening worrying about their children, parents can stay close by whilst still enjoying grown up company.

A Personal Touch

When Intelligent Controls’ dedicated home cinema team talks with clients, they’re sure to take note of every personal preferences and requests to ensure that the installation is perfectly suited to the homeowner and their family. This personalised aspect makes weighing up whether or not to venture to the local cinema or stay at home a much simpler choice – why sit with strangers when you can be with your family, enjoying a glass of wine or hot drink with your favourite film? With a home cinema, the only rules you have to follow are your own.

Always the Ultimate Viewing Experience

Thanks to the advances in entertainment technology, home cinemas can now provide the ultimate viewing experience. Following the popularity of High Definition, it is now 4K and curved screens that are taking prominence – and with our in-house team’s knowledge and expertise on all the latest technology, we’re able to provide clients with the entertainment experience they crave. This inclusion of technology really does bring the best of the cinema experience to your home – and you’ll never want to watch a film anywhere else as a result.

Are you considering a home cinema installation in your household? Get in touch with Intelligent Controls’ dedicated team to discuss your home’s cinematic potential and bring the ultimate movie experience to your door.

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